I'm Nate, I am an illustrator from Pittsburgh. These watercolor paintings are my personal project. Here is a nice writeup about some of my past work.

I can be contacted through email at nate.o.marsh at gmail. I have an instagram I use frquently, a tumblr I check occasionally, and a twitter I mostly ignore.

Paintings take one to three weeks depending, so the site will update at about that.


Q: What is a Snopalope?
A: This is a Snopalope:

These are not Snopalope: Q: How is Snopalope pronounced?
A: "SNOW-pah-lope." Rhymes with antelope.

Q: What is this website about?
A: Snopalope is a story of small beasts building a new home in a vast wilderness. It's sort of like Audobon nature prints + Dwarf Fortress.

Q: What is the plural form of Snopalope?
A: The plural of Snopalope is "Snopalope," like "fish" or "moose."

All artwork and characters copyright Nathan O. Marsh. ©!